about landieIndividualized Custom Web Designs

Hello, my name is Landie and Landie Creations is my brain child. I have a Masters of Public Administration and a Bachelor of Philosophy degree with an emphasis in Business Information Systems. I also have an Associate of Applied Business Degree in Computer Progamming and Certificates in CISCO Networking Technology, Computer Information Systems, Database Development, and Programming. I am also employed as a Sr. Network Engineer for a major university.

Now that we have the formalities out of the way, let me tell you why Landie Creations exists. After taking courses in web development, I realized I had found something that incorporates my love of technology and my love of art. Being equally left and right brained, designing web pages takes advantage of that fact. I also came to the conclusion that everyone should be able to utilize the vast and diverse audience of the internet to provide information and/or service.

Thus, Landie Creations was born. I can design and create for you a website that is unique, easy to navigate and above all professional. My pricing is reasonable and negotiable. So feel free to contact me by email at webmistress@landiecreations.com or landie@landiecreations.com. I look forward to creating for you!!!!!